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Acrylic Keychains!


Welcome the new addition of ANDIIUS, keychains!

These are the keychain designs that are left from Megacon Orlando!
All keychains measure 2.5 inches and are made out of acrylic.

Translucent Dark Green with Black Clasp

>Godzilla & Mothra
Translucent Gradient with Yellow Clasp

>Appa & Momo
Translucent Yellow with White Clasp

Translucent Dark Blue with Dark Blue Clasp

Translucent Orange with Black Clasp

**USE CODE 3OFF for $3 off (2) Keychains!
***USE CODE 6OFF for $6 off (3) Keychains!

*Remember to peel off the protective film!*


  • Gigan
    13 in stock
  • Appa & Momo
    12 in stock
  • Godzilla & Mothra
    0 in stock
  • Chopper
    10 in stock
  • R2D2
    12 in stock