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GREEN ROOKIES! Digimon Shirt


GREEN ROOKIES! Digimon Shirt
ft. Terriermon, Palmon, and Tentomon! 💚

This is your chance to join the ANDIIUS Shirt Club!✨✨

>GREEN ROOKIES! Digimon Shirt Screenprinted Shirt $40
• Handprinted with Green Ink on Light Green 100% Soft Cotton Shirts
• Classic Fit - Adult Unisex Sizes
• Each Shirt Includes a Handstamped Official Andiius Logo on Right Sleeve & Andiius signature stamp in Red Ink


There are a limited amount of sizes available ready to ship! When a size sells out, the remainder will become PRE-ORDERS, meaning it will take 2-3 weeks for your order to be shipped once Pre-Orders are ordered in bulked and individually printed.

✦ Please Note: Every shirt is individually screenprinted by hand, making each shirt a work of art and unique.

✦ Washing Instructions: Turn shirt inside-out. Wash in cold temperature and on a gentle cycle. Hang to air dry or use in dryer on lowest heat temperature.


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